About us

Allerton Foot Clinic was founded in 2010 and is jointly owned by the full time practitioners Claire Smillie BSc (Hons) Pod Med Mchs H.C.P.C. and Marie Young BSc (Hons) Pod Med Mchs H.C.P.C.

The first point of contact at the clinic is our lovely Clinical Manager Karen. She will take your initial enquiry and make sure you get the right appointment for your needs.  Karen has a good general knowledge of podiatry and will be able to help with most questions.  she also makes a great cuppa!

Also lending his expertise is our gentleman Podiatrist, Mr. Mark McKeever BSc (Hons) Pod Med Mchs H.C.P.C.  Mark specialises in Bio mechanics and foot and leg function.  Mark also works in the NHS Podiatry department where he has gained a wealth of experience in Bio mechanics alongside his additional studies at Master level.

Claire and Marie  have an excellent relationship which gives the clinic a professional, relaxed and cheerful ambience.  Here at our clinic we pride ourselves on being approachable, compassionate and communicative.  Nervous or self conscious clients are soon at ease.

Both Marie and Claire graduated from Salford University in Podiatry with Honours.

Claire qualified in 1999, she started her career in Scholl and then moved into the NHS.  Claire has a passion for dermatology and is the drive behind our greatly successful Swift treatment for verruca’s.

Marie qualified in 2004 joining the NHS and has since gained vast experience within the private sector.  Marie’s special talent is nail reconstruction where she can turn any deformed/damaged nail into an aesthetically pleasing one.

Between the team there is very little that we have not come across and nothing that can shock us.  Our scope of practise is immense and our experience in basic podiatry as well as more specialised areas such as nail surgery is vast.  If we come across anything outside our remit we will know who to refer you onto.