Nail Reconstruction

LCN Wilde-Pedique is a product specific for the reconstruction, restoration, and repair for damaged fungal and partially missing nails.

The nail reconstruction is suitable for men, women and teenagers.  The gel is highly adhesive, with an anti-fungal agent (this does not cure the Fungus, though a topical liquid anti fungal agent can be applied whilst the gel nail is on), it is non porous enabling the use of nail polish/remover. The gel contains elastic properties enabling a natural movement with the toe.

Marie, our LCN trained Podiatrist will prepare the nail surface, apply layers of the gel to gradually create a nail shape, this will be hardened at intervals using a harmless UV light.   As the natural nail grows the gel may need re-filling, and as it is a non soak off gel, it will need to be professionally removed.   We suggest that it is removed at six weeks.

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