Biomechanical Assessments

What is Biomechanics

Biomechanics is concerned with the way our lower limbs function, checking for abnormalities which could be the cause of pain in the foot, ankle, knee and back.  An understanding of these biomechanics is what we will use to diagnose and treat these conditions.

It is normal for us not to function symmetrically, most of the time our bodies will adapt without causing any problems, however for others this can lead to too much stress on joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles causing painful conditions.

Reasons to see a podiatrist:

Activity related lower back pain associated with foot posture

  • Any pain on activity to the foot and ankle
  • Re-occurring ankle sprains/ankle instability
  • Knee pain
  • Heel pain
  • Shin splints
  • Morton’s neuroma
  • Pain under the ball of your foot
  • Foot profile/shape concerns

Your initial assessment will take up to 45 minutes.  We recommend that you wear shorts or loose trousers.  Please bring with you:

  • Your everyday footwear as well as your sports trainers
  • Any information you have about your condition from health professionals you have seen previously, if appropriate

At this initial appointment you will have a full patient history taken and be biomechanically assessed statically where various measurements will be taken and dynamically on a treadmill to assess your gait.  This actual examination will take around 10 minutes.

Following this, a treatment plan will be discussed to achieve your own personal goals.  This may involve orthotic treatment and footwear advice and/or referral to another health care professional for a structured training and rehabilitation programme or further diagnostic investigation.

Orthoses Therapy

Key facts:

  • Improve the way you move to take stress off injured areas of the body.
  • Provide foot support to avoid overloading joints
  • Treat malalignment when you walk or run
  • Compensate for any deformities
  • Pain relief – feet, legs, hips and back
  • Allow you to continue to stay active and reduce the risk of further injuries

We provide semi-bespoke orthotics so these can be tailored to your need, whether that be the treatment of multiple pathologies or orthotics specific to a sport.

Average lifespan – 1.5-2 years with normal use.



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